Men’s Biological Clock Is Ticking Too!

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Men’s Biological Clock Is Ticking Too!

More and more scientific studies are showing how important healthy sperm is for conception and a healthy pregnancy and that age matters for men!

Until now, the focus has been on the woman’s fertility: whether it’s her age, ovarian reserve or gynecological issues like PCOS and endometriosis.  Although these are all important factors to explore, male factor infertility is on the rise and should be one of the first things investigated when couples are having trouble conceiving.

The importance of male reproductive health is discussed in a recent article by DNA. The key point of the article is how improved sperm parameters may rule out the need for IVF. What I would like to add is that improved sperm parameters help overall, no matter how you conceive, whether natural, IUI or IVF. Improved sperm parameters can increase IVF success and reduce miscarriage rates.

The good news is that because men are producing new sperm all the time, improving sperm quality is possible even as you get older. In clinic, I have not only seen motility and morphology improve, but also concentrations go from under 10 million to 110 million in just over 3 months. That is the difference between needing IVF and being able to conceive naturally!

There are a number of supplements that have been shown to improve sperm quality
A study published in the Journal of Urology found that Coenzyme Q10 supplementation resulted in a statistically significant improvement in certain semen parameters. The study stated that further studies were needed to determine to what extent those improved parameters results in increased pregnancy rates.

Another study has just shown that vitamin D levels may be a potent factor in fertility for men and women. Vitamin D is essential for the healthy development of each sperm’s nucleus. It also increases levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, improving a man’s libido, according to the review of several studies, published this week in the European Journal of Endocrinology.

You are What You Eat
Recent studies with the Harvard Nurses Study have shown that a woman’s fertility may increase sixfold if she eats a fertility-friendly, mostly plant based whole food diet. Well now science is showing that men’s sperm is affected by diet and you really are what you eat!

These are the sperm boosting nutrients that I recommend to all my male patients  
Dr Lorne Brown’s Five Fab Nutrients:
•    Co Q10 (Thorne Q Best)
•    Omega 3 fatty acid with added Vit D3 (Nutrasea with D)
•    Zinc - pumpkin seeds
•    Selenium – brazil nuts

Lorne Brown Dr.TCM, B.Sc, CA, FABORM, CHt

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